Pediatric Health and Diseases

The Department of Child Health and Diseases has been organized to provide examination, treatment and preventive health services for children and adolescents between 0-16 years of age.
Beginning at birth, child health and disease specialists and physicians specializing in lower branches. For our system, health services are provided for every child and child.


Education Information
1979 - Ege University Faculty of Medicine
1979-1984 Sivas Cumhuriyet University Faculty of Medicine, Child Health and Nursing
Work Experience
1984-1985 Substitute Officer at Sivas 200-bed Military Hospital
1985-1987 Obligatory Service at Mus State Hospital
1985-2006 Examination Dentistry
1989-1990 Gumushane-Torul (Interim Task)
1998 (2 months) Giresun - Alucra (Interim Task)
2012 Tepecik Training Research Hst Newly Born Temporary Care in Intensive Care (2 months)
Newborn Intensive Care Certificate.

Education Information
Antalya University Faculty of Medicine - 1985
İzmir Tep. eğit.araş.hst. - 2000 ~ 2005 Pediatrics

Work Experience
Hakkari State Hospital
Kahraman State Hospital
Kumluca State Hospital
Afyon / İsçehisar State Hospital
Kiraz State Hospital
Ödemiş State Hospital

Uzm.Dr. Banu KAYA

Education Information
University: Selcuk University Faculty of Medicine - 2008
Specialization: Gazi University Faculty of Medicine - 2014
Work Experience
Charite Universitatsmedizin - Berlin / 2012
Ağrı State Hospital - 2015
Malatya Education Research Hospital / 2015-2018
Ödemiş State Hospital / 2018 ..
Courses - Certificates
Children's Advanced Life Support Course - 2017
Child Infection Course - 2017
Newborn Mechanical Ventilator Course - 2016
Children's Intensive Care Course - 2015

Education Information:
* 1997-1999 Trabzon Yomra Science High School
* 1999-2000 Trabzon High School
* 2001-2008 İ.Ü. Cerrahpaşa Medical Faculty
* 2011-2016 Lütfü Kırdar Kartal E.A.H. Child Health and Diseases Specialist Training
Work Experience:
* 2008-2009 Van Özalp State Hospital (General Practitioner)
* 2009-2010 Special Development Hospital Istanbul (Practitioners)
* 2011-2016 Lütfü Kırdar Kartal E.A.H. Department of Children (Pediatric Assistant)
* 2016-2018 Zeynep Kamil E.A.H. Department of Child (Specialist)
* 2018- Hast Ödemiş State Hospital (Specialist Doctor)

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